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Virtual ethnography is the main study of a group of people and the usage of a source i.e a game, mobile phone. Do you agree that whilst carrying out research on this group we should declare who we are before of after the reseach is carried out.


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Week 3

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Foucault Introducing the panopticon – the nobility of sight versus empire of the gaze. The panopticon is in effect now, from when we log on to our computer to the web sites that we go to everything is monitored. Even with the introduction of the oyster card, our whole journey is stored on a database. Finally the abundance of cctv, wether they are filming or not are all over London.
Robin and websters dark side of the information revolution – political economy meets the panopticon.

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Week 2

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This week introduces the markism approach, which dicusses class in society.

➜ Society is a human organisation stage in its social development.
➜ The population is divided in to different classes working class, middle class and poor.
➜ Individuals have little or no influence on the state.
➜ Major souce is family and is the reflection of the society.
➜ Powe found in the state.
➜ Mass media exists to maintain the capitalist state in power.

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Week 1

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Mchuhan states that the medium is the message, this means the medium (book, televison or computer) makes more of an impact than the actual content.
Manovich introduces the concept of the global village a technological determanist view which talks about erasing the boundaries between space and time.

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